A student must be enrolled in (added to) SCRIBE whenever they enroll in a school served by the GEAR UP grant, transfer schools within the GEAR UP grant and at the beginning of each school year. Keeping enrollment current is important because it can affect the reliability of associated records like grades, participation, attendance, etc. 


Students can be enrolled in SCRIBE manually and through an import. Enrolling students manually is best used for a handful of students, typically those who transfer into a school mid-term. However, for enrolling a large group of students, especially at the start of the school year or term, it is typically more efficient to enroll them all at once through a student enrollment import. See How to Enroll a Student via Import on the SCRIBE Help Desk for more information. 

Watch the Video: How to Enroll a Student Manually that corresponds to this tutorial. 

Enroll a Student

1. From the SCRIBE main menu, click Schools > View All Schools.


2. Click View next to the school where you want to enroll the student. 


3. Click on the Students tab. Students enrolled in this school for the current school year, if any, will be displayed in the Student List.


4. Click Add to add a new student. 


5. Enter the student’s Student ID. Click Next


Note: The Student ID is the unique identifier SCRIBE uses to identify each student in the grant. It is important to enter the correct student ID when enrolling students and use the same student ID for the entire time the student is in the GEAR UP grant so that all records associated with that student will remain in the same student file. 


You cannot edit a student ID once the student has been enrolled. Contact your data team or your Xcalibur contact if you entered an incorrect Student ID or have questions about which ID to use. 

a. If the Student ID does not match a student already enrolled in SCRIBE, you will need to create the student record. Enter the student’s First Name and Last Name in the Demographics box and select a Grade Level from the dropdown menu in the Enrollment box (located near the bottom of the page). Those three fields are required to enroll a student, all other fields are optional. Enter any other available data for the student (e.g., gender, ethnicity, etc.). 

Click Save. 


Now the student will appear in the Student List for the school and they can have grades, participation, attendance, etc. assigned to them.

b. If the student ID number entered matches the student ID of a previously or currently enrolled student, the student’s name and demographic information will be automatically populated.


Select the Grade Level from the dropdown menu. Select Yes for Is Primary School? 

Verify and/or correct information as needed. 

Click Save

Now the student will appear in the Student List for the school and they can have grades, participation, attendance, etc. assigned to them.

c. If the student ID entered matches the student ID of a student currently enrolled in the same school, a message saying so will appear. 


If you think you received this message in error and this is not the student you wanted to enroll in SCRIBE, click Previous to return to the previous screen and reenter the student ID. 


Click Cancel to return to the Student List.


Notes on Student Enrollment

1. Students must be enrolled in SCRIBE:

a. at the beginning of each school year – student enrollment does not automatically “roll over” in SCRIBE from one school year to the next so students must be enrolled in SCRIBE at the beginning of each school year. Check with your data team to see when they enroll students at the beginning of each school year. This is typically done through an import.


b. when they transfer into a school in the grant from a school not in the grant – check with your data team to see how frequently they ask for updated student enrollment lists from the schools/districts and how frequently the student enrollment in SCRIBE is updated. 


You may find that you need to enroll a student manually in SCRIBE if they have transferred mid-term, especially if you need to assign participation or other data for that student. 


c. when they transfer between schools within the grant – students must be “exited” from one school and enrolled in the new school. It is important to keep the student enrollment up to date so that the school rosters reflect the correct enrollment. This makes it easier for data entry and tracking students if they are enrolled in the correct school. 


See Deleting vs. Exiting Students for more information on how to do both and the differences between the two.


2. SCRIBE users with the proper permissions can edit a student’s demographic information manually or by importing a Student Update Import


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