SCRIBE users can export data already added to SCRIBE, and with a few edits and additions can turn that file into an import file.

Run a Service List Export

  1. In SCRIBE, click Reports > Services > Service List Export


  1. Select the School Year(s), School(s) and any other filters.

Access the Service List Import Template

  1. Open the Service List Import Template in the Google training folder. A link to the import templates can be found in the SCRIBE Manual.
    1. The first tab of the import template is a blank spreadsheet with the Field Headings


  1. The second tab of the import template has the Fields Descriptions – the field name, whether that field is required for importing into SCRIBE and additional information about each field.
    1. All of the Field Names in your import file must match the template.
    2. All of the fields marked Required must be in the import file.


Create Your Service List Import File

  1. In the Service List export file, adjust any field headings that do not match the Service List Import Template.


  1. Delete any fields from the export file that do not appear in the import template (e.g., ServiceID, StartMonth, DistrictName, etc.)
    1. If left in the import file, these fields will be flagged as Unknown Fields when you import the file.


  1. Update the data in each column to make sure it is formatted correctly, according to the import template.


Ex – the SchoolYear field in the service list export has the school year listed as “2020-2021” while the import template says the SchoolYear should be written as the first year of the two school years, so “2020.”


Ex – The SchoolName is listed in the service list export while the import template says the column should be called SchoolNumber and contain the school number, not the name of the school.


  1. Update the data in any column that needs to be updated for the current import.

Ex – Update the ServiceName to reflect the appropriate name, month, year, etc.

Ex – Update the StartDate and EndDate columns to reflect the appropriate month, year

                                Ex – Update the SchoolYear column, if needed

  1. Save the file and import into SCRIBE.

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