Much like the APR, SCRIBE has reports to help users fill out some sections of the FPR. Sections that SCRIBE does not support on the FPR (to no surprise as they are the same for the APR) are Section I: Executive Summary, Section II: Narrative Information, Section III: Grant Administration Information, Section VI: Grant Budget Information. You can find a downloadable version of the Final Performance Report here.

FPR Section IV: Demographic Data - data requested:

  • Demographic Data
  • A. Students Served
  • B. Participant Distribution by Ethnic Background

SCRIBE provides school years with number of students served as well as GEAR UP students by ethnicity & race when you generate : 

            Reports > FPR Reports > Section IV - Demographic Data

FPR Section V: Demographic Data - data requested:

1)  Cumulative Course Completion

2a) “High School Completion/Graduation Rates” for the Class of 2020. 

2b) “High School Completion/Graduation Rates” for Entire GEAR UP Population. 

3)  FAFSA Completion: 

4a) “Immediate Postsecondary Education Institution Enrollment Rates” for Class of 2020.  

4b) “Immediate Postsecondary Education Institution Enrollment Rates” for Entire GEAR UP Population

The SCRIBE FPR report provides you with data for all four subsections in section V when you generate: 

 Reports > FPR Reports > Section V - Student Outcomes (Credits Per Term)

In addition, this report allows you to define your grant's definition of immediate postsecondary enrollment with a customizable date range. 

General Tips for using SCRIBE's FPR reports

  • Ensure all students have ethnicity/race identified in SCRIBE

  • Review Standard Courses and Course grades across school year.  

  • Review the FAFSA Submission Date field.

  • Ensure all of your graduates have an exit code indicating graduation.  

  • Start using the College Enrollment Module to track postsecondary enrollment.

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