Much like the APR, SCRIBE has reports to help users fill out some sections of the FPR. Sections that SCRIBE does not support on the FPR (to no surprise as they are the same for the APR) are Section I: Executive Summary, Section II: Narrative Information, Section III: Grant Administration Information, Section VI: Grant Budget Information.  You can find a downloadable version of the Final Performance Report here.

Section IV of the Final Performance Report covers demographic data. This data will include:

Demographic Data: Please complete the following tables requesting demographic data on GEAR UP students. 

A. Students Served:  Please complete the following table indicating the number of students served by your project. 

B. Participant Distribution by Ethnic Background:  The following table regarding the ethnicity/race background of GEAR UP students is mandatory and will be used by the Department of Education in reporting the ethnicity/race characteristics of students served by the program.  The race/ethnicity categories used in this section are consistent with the Department of Education’s policy on the collection of racial and ethnic information.  These categories are defined in the FPR document 



SCRIBE supports section IV of the Final Performance Report  by providing school years for the grant with the number of students served each school year and the number of GEAR UP students by ethnicity & race: 

You can generate this report by followinReports > FPR Reports > Section IV - Demographic Data

This data is generated in SCRIBE from yearly student enrollment through the entirety of the grant (typically 7 years). 

  • To look closer at student enrollment by school year, you can generate the following reports to view student enrollment for each year of your grant:

             Reports > Export with sensitive information > Student Enrollment Export


            Reports > Export with sensitive information > Enrollment History Export

  • Ethnicity/Race can also be looked at more closely at a student level by generating the following report: 

            Reports > Export with sensitive information > Student Enrollment Export


            Reports > Export with sensitive information > Incomplete Demographic Data Details

If you find there are errors in the data generated on these reports:

  • Enroll or delete students who should/should not be reflected in your student counts for the reflected school year
  • Manually update student ethnicity/race on the demographic tab of a student profile or update through an import file. 


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