Users can add Courses to SCRIBE manually and through an import. This PDF covers adding courses manually. See How to Add a Course Via Import on the SCRIBE Help Desk.


Add Courses Manually

1. In SCRIBE, click Schools > View All Schools


2. Click View next to the school to which you want to add the course. 


3. Click the Courses tab.

            If courses have been added for this school, they will be displayed in the Course List. If no courses have been added yet, the Course List will be blank.


            Click Add.


4. Confirm the School Year is correct. Only one School should be checked. Click Next.


NOTE: Only those schools to which you have access in SCRIBE will be displayed to check. It is best practice to create a course for one school only, even if the course is common and occurs at every school (e.g., Algebra I, etc.). The reason for this is because the course number must be unique for each school. 


5. If the School Year is incorrect, click Cancel to return to the Course List. Click the grey circle with white triangle next to Search to uncover the Search box. Select the correct School Year from the dropdown menu. Click Search. Whichever school year you selected in the Search box will be the school year to which you add the course. 



6. Enter the Course Number and/or Course Name (required). Click Next


SCRIBE will search the courses already entered in SCRIBE to see if there is a potential match with Course Name and/or Course Number (if entered). 


If SCRIBE does not find a match with the Course Name or Course Number you entered, see #6 below. 


If SCRIBE finds a potential match with the Course Name you entered, SCRIBE will provide a list of potential course matches. If there is a matching course, click the radial button next to the matching course and click Assign. If there is no matching course, click Next. See #6 below.

If SCRIBE finds an exact match with the Course Number you entered (optional to enter), SCRIBE will open that course entry.  

To change the course information, click View/Edit. If no grades have been associated with this Course Number, some fields can be edited.


7. Enter data in the remaining fields (see field descriptions below). Click Save

Field Descriptions

a. CourseNumber* – unique identifier for each course. Within each school, each course number must be unique

b. CourseName* - will be auto-filled from previous page 

c. Course Type – leave blank

d. Course Level – identifies the course levels reported on the APR. 


If course is none of these course levels, leave blank.


f. Credits - indicates what portion of the final grade each grade will make up. SCRIBE will use that to calculate the final grade and determine whether the student passed the course or not. If the student does not have the expected number of grades, SCRIBE will assume the student did not complete the course. 


            .25: quarters (meaning each grade counts for 1/4 the final grade; 4 grades needed to calculate final grade)

            .34: trimesters (meaning each grade counts for 1/3 the final grade; 3 grades needed to calculate final grade)

            .5: semesters (meaning each grade counts for 1/2 the final grade; 2 grades needed to calculate final grade)


g. Final Override Credits – leave blank

h. Mapped to the following Standard Course – identifies the Standards Courses reported on the APR. A list of the Standard Courses is available in the Course List import template in your grant’s Google folder and the PDF on How to Add Course List via Import from the SCRIBE Help Desk. 


If course is not a Standard Course, leave blank. 


TIP: With your data/GEAR UP team, establish rules for special cases like blended courses (e.g., integrated chemistry-physics) or other anomalies you come across. Document the decisions and follow the same protocols for all schools and all school years. 


i. Scoring Method* – indicates whether grades will be decimal (0-100) or lookup (letters).


j. Course Result* - indicates the grading scale for lookup grades. 


If grades are decimal, leave blank.

8. Review the course details. Click Edit to make changes or Delete to delete the course. 


            NOTE: Once grades have been added to SCRIBE using this course number, the course cannot be deleted from SCRIBE and most of the fields cannot be edited. 



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Download a PDF of this tutorial below.