Student groups are useful for informally grouping students from the same school (e.g., tutoring groups, mentoring groups, clubs, F list, students to watch, etc.). This PDF covers how to run a Student Group Export from SCRIBE which will generate a list of all assigned to a Student Group in SCRIBE. 


Run a Student Group Export

1. From the SCRIBE main menu, click Reports > Students > Student Group Export


2. Select the School Year from the dropdown menu, if desired. Otherwise leave All School Years selected. 


Select the School from the dropdown menu. 

Once you select a school, a dropdown menu will appear next to Student Group. Select the Student Group whose membership you would like to export. 

Select Excel for Report Format. Click Generate Report.


3. The Student Group Export contains the following fields: 

  1. Student Group: name of the student group.
  2. School Number: unique identifier assigned to every school in SCRIBE.
  3. School: name of school where group is assigned in SCRIBE. 
  4. School Year: school year . 
  5. Student ID: unique identifier for student used in SCRIBE.
  6. School Student ID: school ID, not used to identify the student in SCRIBE.
  7. First Name: student first name.
  8. Middle Name: student middle name.
  9. Last Name: student last name.
  10. Suffix: student suffix. 
  11. Birthdate: student birthdate.
  12. Grade Level: student grade level. 

Sample Student Group Export


You can use this export as the basis for creating an import file for another type of data. For example, if the Student Group is a tutoring group, the Student Group Export could help create a sign in sheet, a spreadsheet for documeting attendance at tutoring or the basis of a Participation Import to enter students’ participation in the tutoring group into SCRIBE. See How to Add Participation via Import for more information. 


Or for example, if the Student Group is a classroom, the Student Group Export could help create the basis for an attendance import, grades import or participation import if GEAR UP services are delivered to classes. 


Additional Resources

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Download this tutorial as a PDF below.