This export displays which students have demographic data in SCRIBE and which students do not. The Details reports (as opposed to the Summary reports) list all students enrolled in SCRIBE for the selected School Year, School(s) and Grade Level(s) and indicate whether the student has data in SCRIBE for particular fields. 


This is a useful report to run after you have entered demographic data in SCRIBE, typically while enrolling students, to ensure the data was added to SCRIBE accurately and to identify any missing data. Running this report on a regular basis allows for missing data to be sought out and entered into SCRIBE well before the APR or other reports requiring demographic data are due. 


Run an Incomplete Demographics Data Details Export

1. From the SCRIBE main menu, click Reports > Data Entry Checklist Report > Incomplete Demographic Data Details


2. Select the School Year from the dropdown menu. Select the School(s) and Grade Level(s). Select CSV or PDF under Report Format (CSV is recommended so the export can be filtered, sorted, etc.). 

If desired, select Entry Code(s) and/or Exit Code(s) or enter an Entry Date and/or Exit Date range to filter which students will be displayed in the export. For example, by checking Enrolled for Entry Code, only students who are currently enrolled in SCRIBE will be displayed in the export. Entering a date range for Entry Date, only students whose entry dates fall within that date range will be displayed in the export (note: the date range corresponds to the students’ entry dates, not the date the student was entered by a user in SCRIBE). 


3. Click Generate Report.


4. The Incomplete Demographics Data Details export contains the following fields: 

  1. District: student’s district
  2. School: student’s school
  3. Grade Level: student’s grade level
  4. Student Name: student name written as Last Name, First Name
  5. Student ID: unique identifier for student used in SCRIBE.


For the following fields, an X means the student DOES NOT have data for that field:

        f. ESL

        g. Reduced Price Lunch

        h. IEP

        i. Ethnicity

        j. Gender

        k. Homeless

        l. In Foster Care

Sample Incomplete Demographics Data Details Export

All students enrolled in SCRIBE for the School Year and School(s) selected when generating the report (see Step #2 above) will be listed in the Incomplete Demographics Data Details export, whether they have demographic data in SCRIBE or not. 


If a student does not have demographic data for a field recorded in SCRIBE, they will have an X under the field(s) where they do not have demographic data. In the example above see Erik Killmonger (row 1) and note he is missing ESL, Reduced Price Lunch, IEP, Gender and Homeless data (an X is in columns F, G, H, J and K indicating missing demographic data).


If the export is in CVS format (not PDF), users can sort and/or filter the export which may help to figure out which students are missing what data. This can also help reveal patterns. In the example above, note that all students are missing Homeless data (column K) and all 9th grade students are missing Reduced Price Lunch data (column G). Try filtering or sorting by grade level, by district and/or by school.


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Download this tutorial as a PDF below.