The College Enrollment module is available to clients who request access and are granted user permissions to add/edit/delete college enrollment data. Contact Xcalibur if you would like to have this access granted through the SCRIBE Help Desk by opening a new Help Desk Ticket.


A student must be enrolled in (added to) SCRIBE before College Enrollment data can be added to a student's profile. 

Students can be enrolled in SCRIBE manually and through an import. Enrolling students manually is best used for a handful of students, typically those who transfer into a school mid-term. See How to Enroll a Student Manually on the SCRIBE Help Desk for more information. However, for enrolling a large group of students, especially at the start of the school year or term, it is typically more efficient to enroll them all at once through a student enrollment import. See How to Enroll a Student via Import on the SCRIBE Help Desk for more information. 

Add College Enrollment Data manually:

1. From the SCRIBE main menu, click Schools > View All Schools.


2. Click View next to the school where the student attended in HS.


 3. Click on the Students tab. 

4. Locate the student you want to add College Enrollment data for and click View next to their name.


5. Click on the College Enrollment tab, then click Add.

6. Fill out the information in the College Enrollment screen and click the green check mark to save.

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