Student groups are useful for informally grouping students from the same school. Examples of groups: tutoring, mentoring, clubs, F list, etc. 

Using Student Groups to add participation saves time because participation can be added to the entire Student Group or a subsection of group members. 

Note: The Student Group must be created and have student members before the group can be used when adding Service Participation. See How to Create A Student Group.


Add Participation Using a Student Group

1. From the SCRIBE main menu, click Services > View All Services

2. Click View next to the service to which you want to add participation. 

3. Click View next to the service to which you want to add participation.

4. If any participation has been added for this service, those students will be listed. 

    To add participation, click Add.

5. Enter the Date of Participation, Time of Participation (optional), and Hours and/or Minutes of Participation

        Note: The Date of Participation must occur within the Service Start and End dates and must be in         the past (you                 cannot add participation for a service that has not happened yet). 


         The maximum number of minutes allowed is 59. 

6. To filter the students displayed under the Student List, click on the Search triangle. Select the Student Group from the dropdown menu. Click the Advanced Search triangle to filter the Student List by additional parameters. Click Search



7. Now only students belonging to the selected Student Group will be displayed. Check the box next to the names of the students who participated in the service. To select all students, check the box to the left of the Student ID heading. 

    To clear the Search parameters set, click Reset in the Search box. 

    Note: Selections are cleared when you switch between pages of students. Either click Save and Add More or change the     Students Per Page to All to display all students and eliminate the need to change pages.  


8. Click Save and Close once you have selected all of the students. 


9. Now these students will be displayed under the service.


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Download this tutorial as a PDF below.