In SCRIBE, GEAR UP grants are known as Instances. Users who work with multiple grants in SCRIBE will have access to multiple instances. These instances can be different grants from the same institution (e.g., GEAR UP grants funded at different years) or multiple GEAR UP grants from different institutions (e.g., vendors or evaluators who work with multiple grants). To access information from a specific grant, you may need to change Instances. 


Change Instance

1. Hover the mouse over the Home tab. The Change Instance drop-down will appear. Click on Change Instance.


2. Select the Instance you would like to go to from the dropdown menu. Click Select

Note: Your dropdown menu will only list those instances to which you have access. 


3. Confirm you are in the correct Instance by looking which Instance is listed at the heading on the top of the SCRIBE home page. 

Download this tutorial as a PDF below.