The College Enrollment Import is aligned to the National Student Clearinghouse report!

The College Enrollment module is available to clients who request access and are granted user permissions to add/edit/delete college enrollment data. Contact Xcalibur if you would like to have this access granted through the SCRIBE Help Desk by opening a new Help Desk Ticket.


A student must be enrolled in (added to) SCRIBE before College Enrollment data can be added to a student's profile. 

Students can be enrolled in SCRIBE manually and through an import. Enrolling students manually is best used for a handful of students, typically those who transfer into a school mid-term. See How to Enroll a Student Manually on the SCRIBE Help Desk for more information. However, for enrolling a large group of students, especially at the start of the school year or term, it is typically more efficient to enroll them all at once through a student enrollment import. See How to Enroll a Student via Import on the SCRIBE Help Desk for more information. 

Add Import for College Enrollment Data

 1. Retrieve your National Student Clearing House file. 

2. In SCRIBE, click Tools > Import


3. Click Add Import

4.  Select the Import Type: College Enrollment - Outreach Format

5. Make sure the School Year is correct. Click Browse to select the import file from your computer. Click Upload Import File. Follow the import process. 

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