Services are events and activities that further the GEAR UP goals and objectives that are GEAR UP sponsored or GEAR UP branded. Users can create services manually and through an import. This article covers creating services manually. 

Create a Service Manually

        1. From the SCRIBE main menu, click Services > View All Services

        2. Click Add


        3. Check the box next to the School the service is assigned to. Click Next


        4. Check the box next to the Person Type for the service. Best practice recommends one person type per service. Click Next


        5. Choose the Service Type Category

                Note: The Service Type Category choices will depend on which person type was selected during the previous step.


        6. Choose the Service Delivery Category. Click Next


        7. Add details to the Service Type (for example, add the IPEDS number for the college visited when creating a college visit service). If there is no additional info to add, click Next

        8. Enter the Name/Description of Activity using the proper naming conventions. Copy the Name/Description of Activity and paste it for the External ID. Enter the Start Date and End Date for the service. Click Save


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Download this tutorial as a PDF below.