Services are events and activities that further the GEAR UP goals and objectives that are GEAR UP sponsored or GEAR UP branded. Users can create services manually and through an import. This PDF covers how to run a Service List Export from SCRIBE which will generate a list of all services created in SCRIBE for a given school year. See How to Create Services via Import and How to Create a Service Manually on the SCRIBE Help Desk.


Run a Service List Export

1. From the SCRIBE main menu, click Reports > Services > Service List Export


2. Check the School Year(s) and School(s) for which you want to run the export.

Enter a Service Start Date and Service End Date if you want the export to generate only services from a specific time frame. If these are left blank, the export will list services for the entire school year(s) selected. 

Narrow the export results further through the other parameters, if desired. 

Select CSV or Excel under Report Format

Click Generate Report


4. The Service List Export contains the following fields: 

  1. ServiceID: internal for SCRIBE use.
  2. ExternalServiceID: unique ID used to identify the service, used for importing participation.
  3. ServiceName: name of the service.
  4. SchoolYear
  5. StartDate: date service began.
  6. EndDate: date service ended.
  7. StartMonth
  8. SchoolNameList: indicates which school the services was created for. 
  9. DistrictNameList: indicates which district the services was created for.
  10. ProgramList: which program the service was created for, if applicable. If the grant does not have different student programs, the name of the grant is listed in this field.
  11. PersonTypeList: indicates which person type the service was created for (student, parent/guardian, staff).
  12. ServiceTypeCategoryID: service category code. See the Service Taxonomy export from SCRIBE for grant-specific codes.
  13. ServiceTypeCategoryName: name of the service type category that corresponds to the ID.
  14. ServiceTypeID: service type code. See the Service Taxonomy export from SCRIBE for grant-specific codes.
  15. ServiceTypeName: name of the service type that corresponds to the ID.
  16. ServiceTypeAdditionalInfo: additional info about the service provided when the service was created.
  17. ServiceTimingCategoryID: internal for SCRIBE use.
  18. ServiceTimingCategoryName: will read N/A.
  19. ServiceTimingID: internal for SCRIBE use.
  20. ServiceTimingName: will read N/A.
  21. ServiceTimingAdditionalInfo: internal for SCRIBE use, will be blank.
  22. ServiceDeliveryCategoryID: service delivery category code.
  23. ServiceDeliveryCategoryName: service delivery category name (Real (Not Virtual), Virtual, Telephonic).
  24. ServiceDeliveryID: service delivery code.
  25. ServiceDeliveryName: name of the delivery (Real (Not Virtual), Virtual, Telephonic).
  26. ServiceDeliveryAdditionalInfo: any additional information added when the service was created. 
  27. IsStem: indicates whether service is a STEM service (Yes, No).
  28. IsELL: indicates whether service is a ELL service (Yes, No).
  29. ServiceNotes: any additional notes added when the service was created. 


Sample Service List Export


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Download this tutorial as a PDF below.