The Service Taxonomy is a SCRIBE export that displays information about the services that can be created in SCRIBE including the service type and person type assigned to each service. The information on the Service Taxonomy can be useful when creating services, naming services, adding participation to services and running participation reports.


Export the Service Taxonomy

1. From the SCRIBE main menu, click Reports > SCRIBE Configuration > Service Taxonomy


2. Select the Program Type(s) and/or Person Type(s), if applicable. If you do not select a Person Type, services for all person types will be displayed in the Service Taxonomy export. 


Select the Report Format

Click Generate Report


Sample Service Taxonomy Export


Common ways to use the Service Taxonomy: 

1. When getting ready to create a service in SCRIBE, viewing all the possible types of services can help determine which Service Type you should categorize your service as. 


2. The letter codes under the Service Type are used in the service type section of the service name (e.g, “T” for Tutoring, “MEN” for Mentoring, etc.). See the SCRIBE Manual in your grant’s Google folder for more info on service naming conventions. 


3. The Peron Type (Student, Parent/Guardian and Staff) indicates who can participate in each service and have participation recorded in SCRIBE. 


4. Find the numeric codes required when creating a Service import file (see How to Create a Service via Import for a detailed breakdown of all codes). 




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Download this tutorial as a PDF below.