Before service participation can be added for students, parents or staff in SCRIBE, a service must be created. 

Users can add a Service to SCRIBE manually and through an import. This PDF covers adding a service via import. See How to Create A Service manually article on the SCRIBE Help Desk.


Watch the Video: How to Create a Service via Import that corresponds to this tutorial.


Create the File to Import 

1. Determine the required and optional fields for a Service import. There are two ways:

a. Look at the Import Template in your grant’s Google Drive folder. Every import template has a tab that has the field headings and a tab that describes each field, whether the field is required, the type of data needed for that field and where to find that data.

Note: Remember to download the Import Template from the Google folder and save it on your desktop before editing it. Click File > Download > Microsoft excel.


b. The second way to determine the required fields: In SCRIBE click Tools > Import. Click Add Import. Select the Import Type. Click the View Specification button. 

The Import Specification list will appear in a popup box. The fields with a red asterisk are required, the other fields are optional. 

Note: SCRIBE will consider any fields included in the import that are not listed on the Import Specification list as “unknown” fields during the import process. 



Fields are the different data categories you can include in the Service List import file (e.g., ServiceName, SchoolNumber, etc.) listed as separate columns in the spreadsheet. Some fields are required, meaning SCRIBE will not import your file without them. Some are optional, meaning it is up to you whether or not to include them in the import file. 


TIP: Fields (columns) can be in the import file in any order. Field headings must be spelled correctly but capitalization does not matter (e.g., ServiceName = servicename = SERVICENAME = sErViCenAmE). There are no spaces in the field headings (e.g., SchoolYear is not the same as School Year). 


Fields in a Service List Import (* indicates a required field)

a. ExternalServiceID*unique value using the SCRIBE Service Naming Conventions. The ExternalServiceID should be the same as the ServiceName. 

b. ServiceName*: unique name of the service using SCRIBE Service Naming Conventions. The ServiceName should be the same as the ExternalServiceID.

c. SchoolNumber*: In SCRIBE click Schools > View All Schools.

The list of School Numbers are displayed in the School list. Copy the School Number of the school the students attend and paste it in the Service List Import spreadsheet in the SchoolNumber field.

d. SchoolYear*: first year in the two year school year (e.g., “2019” for the 2019-2020 school year, “2020” for the 2020-2021 school year)


e. StartDate: day service is/will become active.


f. EndDate: day service is/will become inactive.

    Note: For one time services, the StartDate and EndDate will be the same date. For recurring services, the StartDate should be the first day of the month and the EndDate should be the last day of the month. 


g. ServiceTypeCategoryID*: code for the service type category. See the ServiceTypeCategoryID tab in the service list import template or the Service Taxonomy exported from SCRIBE (instructions below).


h. ServiceTypeID*: code for the service type. See the Service Taxonomy exported from SCRIBE (instructions below).


i. ServiceDeliveryCategoryID*: code for the service delivery category. 

Codes:       8 for Virtual

            9 for Real (In-person)

            10 for Telephonic


j. ServiceDeliveryID*: code for how the service was delivered.

Codes:       25 for Virtual

                        26 for Real (In-person)

                        27 for Telephonic


k. ServiceTimingCategoryID*: enter 8 in this field for all rows.


l. ServiceTimingID*: enter 27 in this field for all rows.


m. PersonType1: indicated whether the service will be for students, parents or staff members.

Codes:       1 for student

                  2 for parent/guardian/family

                  3 for teacher/staff

Note: SCRIBE will allow a service to be assigned to up to three PersonTypes (fields are PersonType1, Persontype2, PersonType3). However, best practice recommends one PersonType per service. If a service caters to more than on person type (e.g., financial aid night for parents and students), create one service for students and another service for parents.


n. IsSTEM: indicates whether the service is a STEM service. Enter Yes or No


o. IsELL: indicates whether the service is an ELL service. Enter Yes or No.


p. ServiceProvider1:

Note: Up to three ServiceProviders may be added to the service list import (fields are ServiceProvider1, ServiceProvider2, ServiceProvider3). 


q. ServiceNotes: use this field to indicate any relevant information that is not part of the service name or service summary (e.g., the destination of a field trip or if a service gets canceled).

r. ServiceTypeAdditionalInfo: Required for college visits. Enter the IPEDS number for the college visited. IPEDS can be found at


Note: To retrieve the ServiceTypeCategoryID, ServiceTypeID, ServiceTimingCategoryID, 

ServiceTimingID, ServiceDeliveryTypeID and ServiceDeliveryID, export the Service Taxonomy. 


In SCRIBE click Reports > SCRIBE Configuration > Service Taxonomy


Select the Person Type(s) to narrow the services listed on the Service Taxonomy (optional). Select Report Format to run the report as an Excel file or a PDF. Click Generate Report

Sample Service Taxonomy Export

See How to Run a Service Taxonomy Export for more information and download the PDF version of this tutorial (at the bottom of the page) for more details on the Service Taxonomy export.

Sample Service List Import File


Import Service List file

1. Save the Service List import file following best practice naming conventions: include the school year, type of import, other necessary details like month, quarter or semester, school/district name or abbreviation (e.g., 19-20_ServiceList_January_WBHS). 

2. In SCRIBE, click Tools > Import


3. Click Add Import


Select the Import Type: Service List.


4. Make sure the School Year is correct. Click Browse to select the import file from your computer. Click Upload Import File. Follow the import process. 


Note: You must add participation to the services you have just created. See How to Add Participation via Import and How to Add Participation Manually for instructions. 



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Download this tutorial as a PDF below.